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"Farm Dream" (Dream Farm) is a Farm form based on the block chain game, players into the game after completion, from the pups receive, breeding, harvest products and explore the FCS, and the whole process can be traded.
In the development, the government of the government, the game players can directly login through the FCS account, buy equipment. User escalation fights have the opportunity to get FCS in the game, or FCS in the basement.
In the development, the French sea monster, the French sea through the game to capture the energy, energy can go to the alchemy, the process of the preparation of the alchemy to make the FCS, through the FCS can also accelerate the drug.
In the development, the user can do the task, invite friends, obtain the mana value, the higher the mana value, the greater the chance of finding the gem in the task, the gem can synthesize FCS.