Product application

FCS has been applied to the first block chain game dream farm, and has established consensus community, popularizing and promoting blockchain games.

In the future, it will be used in multiple block chain games to establish the business application ecosystem of the block game and serve the world's hundreds of millions of game users.

FCS entertaining
You can get FCS in the process of playing the game upgrade, or you can get more FCS by inviting your friends.
You can also use FCS weights to upgrade the game, and FCS can purchase props, circulation and secondary market transactions.
FCS commercial application ecosystem.
We will develop multiple block chain games and build an ecosystem based on the blockchain game.
Based on FCS, it has a unique identity, which is decentralized, transparent and untampering.
FCS industry upstream and downstream.
Integrate the upstream and downstream of the game industry, develop, maintain and operate.
Players can get FCS rewards for their contributions, so FCS will help the game.